Performing the function of a body corporate requires intense effort, constant care and meticulous attention to detail. Our integrated approach to body corporate management saves body corporates time and money. Our all-in-one solution is tailored to suit your needs, preferences and budget. Key tasks include maintaining common property, mediating disputes between property owners and tenants, raising levies, managing essential services and insurance, and holding meetings.

Body corporates must remain responsible and accountable because they represent the needs and interests of all property owners in a given building. Whether they outsource management services or not, the committee has a strict duty to maintain the building, manage essential services, engage reputable service providers, raise levies, secure the right insurance, respond to the requests of owners, mediate disputes, liaise with local authorities, set expectations and rules, welcome new owners and residents, and much more.

Much of the work is technical and administrative and requires a solid grasp of existing laws and regulations. The burdens are formidable, the pressure is intense, the time and other resources required are significant. This is where Mafadi can help – we take the burden, stress and pressure off your hands and manage your body corporate roles and responsibilities as they should be managed – like clockwork.

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