Mafadi Properties is one of the most reputable choices for property management Johannesburg CBD. This firm lists various buildings and other spaces intended for commercial, residential, and retail use. The company emphasizes opportunities available to prospective tenants who are considering moving to the central business district. This area of the city is undergoing a renaissance, and property managers have been working closely with the city government to ensure new business owners are able to thrive in the CBD.


Central Business District Redevelopment

As recently as 10 years ago, the CBD was a high-crime district of Johannesburg with plenty of abandoned buildings. In past decades, the area was known for its state-of-the-art skyscrapers. Due to urban problems, many residents had relocated to other areas of the city by the year 2000. Since 2005, the city government has taken steps to improve the CBD. Camera surveillance has curbed much of the dangerous street crime, and a number of skyscrapers have been renovated. Several of them now have apartments and condominiums for lease, and interested tenants can view the most recent listings on Mafadi’s website. Current featured properties include the Fashion Lofts and the Villa Kazi.


CBD Student Housing

Some of the redevelopment projects include setting up affordable apartments for university students. Many of these dwellings are close to shops, bars, and restaurants, making them attractive social spots for relaxing after classes. Mafadi’s student life property consultants work with each prospective tenant to make searching for the right apartment as easy as possible. Landlords are affiliated with major colleges in the greater Johannesburg area, and these living arrangements are quite flexible.
Student apartments can house one to four occupants, and each tenant has a couple of different rent payment options. Occupants can arrange either self-payment or rent payment from parents or guardians. Interested students can get started by filling out an application on the Mafadi student life web page.


Other CBD Development Projects

Mafadi also features several redeveloped residential and commercial properties that blend history with innovation. One prominent example is the Maboneng Precinct, a term that translates into “Place of Light.” Developers and architects find the name fitting because the project has goals of presenting an enlightened lifestyle opportunity for residents. A number of included buildings have been redesigned with multipurpose loft spaces that can serve as both apartments and work studios. Other points of interest are art galleries, night clubs, theaters, and coffee shops all located in close proximity to residential properties.


Mafadi Properties continues to be instrumental in redevelopment projects and property management Johannesburg CBD. Current and future building projects have attracted some of the most talented architects from both South Africa and overseas. The continued improvements and gentrification efforts promise to have positive economic impacts on both the CBD and its surrounding communities. New businesses in leased commercial properties open up more job opportunities to local residents. Renovated residential spaces offer convenient and enjoyable living arrangements for people who work, run businesses, or attend school close to the central business district.
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