Property managers take it upon themselves to handle the care taking and management of your realty (real estate) properties that you have for rent or lease for a fee or per cent of the rent taken per month.


Things a Property manager will do.

Property managers are the vocal, visual and physical link between tenant or lease holder and land lord or property real estate owner they will handle all tasks necessary regarding things such as rent maintenance repairs and administration such as contracts and contractual obligations receiving or taking in rent on a monthly basis or however the contract is structured

Property or real estate managers are a necessary evil when it comes to handling of legal matters that you don’t need to be involved in when you have your own life to live as stress free as possible letting someone else collect , maintain ,repair, and fill your investment space (property) is the absolute option.


Overview of duties

Classic responsibilities expected of a property manager include aquiring/removing and largely dealing with lessees, home repair, home enhancement, cleaning and garden upkeep, to be coordinated with the owner’s wishes. Such arrangements may require the property manager to collect fees, and pay required expenses and taxes, making episodic reports to the real estate owner, or the land lord may simply assign specific responsibilities and deal with others themselves.

A property manager may organise for a varied selection of services, however required by the land lord, for a fee. Property management can also be for commercial properties where the property manager may work the business and too manage the property. Some areas might find it necessary for a property manager to be certified.

The property manager has a main functional requirement to the property owner and a sub functional requirement to the tenant. The affiliation the property manager has with the property-owner and with the lessee are essential in establishing the expectations of both sides of the lease since both sides will want and require specific rights and benefits.


Owners needs and expectations

The landlord of a property expects the property manager to:

  • follow the owner’s instructions, minimize and keep control of costs and capitalize on  the highest possible revenue to sustain a steady return on capital invested.
  • Set rules for use of the building to maintain the money spent, take care through proper upkeep of the building
  • be professional and have good knowledge on Fair Housing laws and property management practices and procedures
  • Improve the value of the property by making enhancements that will upturn its market value, preserve and develop the superiority of ownership.


Tenants needs and expectations

The tenant of a property expects the property manager to:

  • certify the “unobtrusive pleasure” of the premises—a pledge that the premises will be able to be utilised and relished for the proposed use.
  • Institute a sense of comfort—-a place of residence that has the correct heating, cooling and ventilation for optimal living or working space.
  • deliver safety and security—maintain an environment with no chance of possible hazard or accident and ensure the required safety equipment is visible available and maintained.
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