So you have a hot date and you don’t know where to go, no worries we got you covered.  I went around Jozi finding the top 10 (err semy good to really good) food joints.  These are some of the hottest place to be and to be seen, it will definitely impress.

Have a look and find the one that suites you and your date best.

1.  Wolfpack


  • Nice outdoor seating, lovely for an early dinner with sunset.
  • Dessert selection of Ice Creams in small jars
  • The Burger selection is big, but so are their meals
  • Exceptional design for the venue, feels like you really outside.
  • Need to make a booking a while in advance
  1. Area: Parkhurst
  2. Price: R250 for 2
  3. Cuisine: American Burgers
  4. Atmosphere: A casual Hot spot
  5. Zomato rating: 3.7
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/the-wolfpack-parkhurst


2.  Little Addis Cafe


  • Healthy, bit oily and spicy – low in carbs
  • Its a simple good hearty meal.  Definitely an adventure to be tried (You eat with your hands:P).
  • No Dessert Menu, but the surrounding area has nice places to find a smoothie or  ice cream to share.
  • End the meal with a lovely strong Ethiopian coffee or tea (Puts hair on your chest).
  • Need to bring cash, but there is an ATM close by.
  1. Area: Jeppestown, Maboneng Precinct
  2. Price: R150 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Authentic Ethiopian Food
  4. Atmosphere: Cosy, the surrounding Maboneng area is superb.
  5. Zomato rating:3.6
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/little-addis-cafe-city-and-suburban


3.  33 High Street


  • Great place to bring the folks or your mates for a Sunday afternoon.
  • They have a craft beer section, perfect complement to the shade of the large oak trees.
  • The portion sizes are good, it will fill a bear of a man.
  1. Area: Modderfontein
  2. Price: R350 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Mediterranean
  4. Atmosphere: Extremely Casual, Family friendly
  5. Zomato rating: They don’t have enough reviews yet, go help them out.
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/33-high-street-kempton-park/info#tabtop


4.  Dukes burger


  • Pure burger joint that serves american pies for dessert
  • Meals are quite big, so come hungry
  • Need to book in advance
  • Best to get a table outside
  • They have a good vegetarian burger option too, as well as gluten free buns!
  • They have a Wednesday Rock Menu, this is different to their standard menu.  The Rock menu is designed by some SA rock bands. (interesting little twist)
  1. Area: Greenside
  2. Price: R250 for 2 people
  3. Cuisine: Burgers
  4. Atmosphere: A casual hot spot
  5. Zomato rating: 3.7 – Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/dukes-burgers-greenside


5.  Living Room


  • Brilliant view of Jozi
  • Lovely outdoor patio on a rooftop
  • Tends to have good parties on Sunday late afternoons into the night time, right after the Market on Main
  • Meals are tasty but small, recommended for a lunch, not a sit down dinner
  • Interesting drink selection
  • It is self serving, order everything at the bar
  • You will have to be patient if you go at a busy time, they have limited staff.
  • All seating is outdoors, so don’t go on a cold night!
  1. Area: Jeppestown, Maboneng Precinct
  2. Price: R250 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Healthy/ Touch of Fusion
  4. Atmosphere: Brilliant hot spot, Green and a great view of the city
  5. Zomato rating:3.7
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/living-room-eco-cafe-city-and-suburban


6.  Hashi


  • Great Service
  • Excellent Food
  • Interesting filling and ingredients for their shu-shi.
  • It is something different
  1. Area: Rosebank
  2. Price: R250 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Japanese/Shu-shi/Fusion
  4. Atmosphere: Snazzy Restaurant
  5. Zomato rating: 3.7 Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/hashi-rosebank/info#tabtop


7.  Walnut Grove


  • Wifi Internet Available
  • Very snazzy trendy spot
  • Can have a lovely quiet dinner
  • They have a real rainbow cake, perfect for a birthday!
  1. Area: Sandton Shopping Centre
  2. Price: R250 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Cafe
  4. Atmosphere: Snazzy Restaurant
  5. Zomato rating: 3.7 Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/walnut-grove-sandown


8.  Ant Cafe


  • Need to book ahead
  • Need to bring cash, there is an ATM close by
  • Very interesting decor, the entire place is lit by candle light at night, perfect for a cozy romantic dinner
  • Great Pizzas, perfect student hand out
  1. Area: Melville
  2. Price: R200 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Italian Cafe
  4. Atmosphere: Very interesting Rustic feel
  5. Zomato rating: 3.8 Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/ant-cafe-melville


9.   The Greenside Cafe


  • Its a Vegan and Vegetarian cafe
  • Perfect for lunch, with its informal vibe
  • Their Smoothies are recommended
  1. Area: Greenside
  2. Price: R200 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Vegan and Vegetarian
  4. Atmosphere: Plain and Simple, good place for lunch
  5. Zomato rating: 3.8 Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/the-greenside-cafe-greenside


10.  The Local Grill


  • The have one Halaal meal, the karan beef
  • Classy place, not for the  kids
  • Cosy, perfect for a romantic dinner
  • Great wine selection
  • If you ask, you can go select your meat.
  1. Area: Parktown North
  2. Price: R300 for 2
  3. Cuisine: Steakhouse
  4. Atmosphere: Classy
  5. Zomato rating: 3.9 Very Good
  6. Zomato Link: http://www.zomato.com/johannesburg/the-local-grill-parktown-north

So go out, and try them all and then, please come back and let us know which one you liked the most.  Personally I love Little Addis and Wolf pack, but then again no Zebra has the same stripes.


Written by Lizl Brink, Lizl is copywriter and designer based in Johannesburg, she is also a frequent contributor to the Mafadi blog, and as an Urban investor and rejuvenation shares a passion for urban regeneration, go check out her personal portfolio here
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