It’s Black Friday today, and every shop you can think of has some sort of special, from the electronics to the undies, everything seems to be on sale.  We can thank the Americans and their over commercialised capitalistic system for this Black Friday specials, as it was much needed with Christmas approaching day by day closer (4 weeks to go).  But what now, I’m even more broke and I still have many more gifts to buy before C-day.

Leaving little options left, for there are no more monies, we have to turn to our creative juices and start thinking of doing gifting ourselves.  DIY the Christmas gifts this year, for it will save you the money you don’t have and also your ugogo is going to love them even more.

The trick with DIY gifting is not finding the ideas, Pinterest are full of the ideas.  The problem is to find a DIY gift that is perfect for the person in mind.  So today I thought I can give you some ideas that will be perfect for every member of you family.

1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are easy to compile yourself.  You can add bits of this and bits of that.  I suggest you consider a theme for your gift basket.

Gift basket ideas:

1. A spa basket, this is super fun and easy.  You can fill this box with homemade candlessoaps, salts and creams.  Consider using Rooibos tea for the base of it all.  Its cheap and actually very healthy.

Also Rooibos is a proudly South African Product, support local.

2. A garden basket, go around your nursery and see if there are items that your love one don’t have part of their gardening set.  Focus on the smaller items like a new set of gloves and a bottle of insecticide and maybe a fertilizer with a few seeds.  You can also consider introducing the older generations to vertical gardening ideas for tomatoes or strawberries.
3. A game basket, full his box with everything he will need for his Saturday afternoon game.  The chips, the popcorn, the beer, the chocolates, the fudge and your grandma’s cookies.
4. A movie night basket, I like this idea for your significant other.  Go buy yourself a 2 for R100 DVD deal from Musica and fill the rest of the box set with the popcorn, the slushy, chocolates and even some secret intimate items like love coupons.  He will love it girls, even if they don’t think they will

5. The yummy basket, fill this basket with all those yummy bake ideas, the homemade jams, cookies, fudge and chocolates.  Your dad and granddad will love this, no questions asked.

2. For the creative DIY-er

If you feel up to the challenge then go for making amazing little gifts, like

  1. Small pattern printed clay pots
  2. Kitchen or jewelry bowls
  3. Custom Painted Kitchen cups set
  4. Dream Catchers
  5. Mason Jar Candles

3. For the organizer

As so many of us there are never enough time in the year to get to basically anything you set your mind to the year before.  Your dear family and friends are no different.  Help them out by finding that aspect in their lives that are in chaos, find a way to help organise this, to give them a better sense of sanity the coming year.

Organising your mom’s kitchen or your dad’s tool room by labelling every item.

Some labelling ideas:

  1. Label the jars for the kitchen and the garage: –
  2. Organise the Paperwork

4. For the DIY Handyman/lady

Making my own furniture is one one my happy hardworking hobbies, finding, making and finally crafting the piece for the space it’s needed will give joy to any gift receiver.

5. For your mates at varsity

This one is the easiest, to be honest by this time none of your friends will have much monies left.  I say don’t spend your last bit on gifts, rather spend it on each other by buying a round of drinks for all.  Your mate next to you will buy you a drink and so the rounds of gifting continues for the young and inspired.

Gifting can seem very intimidating and call for a Sheldon attitude in many of us.  But the truth is that gifting is supposed to be from the heart and not from the pocket.  As such make it so, by finding the gift you know your love ones will love, not because your bought it at a store, like many others did, but because you put actual thought and energy into the gift.

Written by Lizl Brink, Lizl is copywriter and designer based in Johannesburg, she is also a frequent contributor to the Mafadi blog, and as an Urban investor and rejuvenation shares a passion for urban regeneration, go check out her personal portfolio here
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