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Mafadi has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading property management companies, managing a portfolio of over 10,000 units throughout the country.

In recent years, we’ve developed key capabilities in the area of body corporate management and now offer a complete turnkey solution in this highly specialised field.

Working closely with body corporates, we ensure the smooth control, management, maintenance and administration of buildings across the country, assisting with tasks such as:

  • property maintenance and repairs
  • general accounting
  • budgeting
  • financial reporting
  • contract management
  • communicating with property stakeholders
  • enforcing rules/by-laws
  • addressing owner concerns and disputes
  • invoicing levies/service charges
  • collecting arrears
  • preparing meetings
  • issuing notices, orders and certificates
  • monthly operations reports from on-site visits

We pride ourselves on being very hands-on, undertaking regular site visits and drawing up monthly operations reports. Meanwhile, our in-house collections team keeps arrears at a minimum.

We have the specialised skills to achieve this: our dedicated property management team are highly qualified, all having sectional title management schemes certification through Paddocks (UCT).

Uben Panther – Forte Body Corporate

The team from Mafadi Property Management Company have done an exceptional job in ensuring that levies are paid up on time, every time. Thank you for your hard work and commitment.


Gary Hackner – 7 on Middle Body Corporate

With their hands-on approach to managing a body corporate, we have seen great success since Mafadi took over the management of our complex.


Mark Broido – Rimal Body Corporate

Our Complex moved over to Mafadi nearly a year ago. They have come on as our partners and have been an amazing support to the owners and Trustees.

The Mafadi expertise and assistance has been invaluable in the running of our complex.
The Team are always available and happy to assist with all and any queries.
I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a property manager.


If you’re a body corporate in Cape Town struggling under the weight of the load, we’re here to help you. Fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, call Dawid Jacobs on:
+27 82 566 3168 
021 001 3410

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    Why outsource body corporate management?

    Performing the function of a body corporate requires intense effort, constant care and meticulous attention to detail. Our integrated approach to body corporate management saves body corporates time and money. Our all-in-one solution is tailored to suit your needs, preferences and budget. Key tasks include maintaining common property, mediating disputes between property owners and tenants, raising levies, managing essential services and insurance, and holding meetings.

    Body corporates must remain responsible and accountable because they represent the needs and interests of all property owners in a given building. Whether they outsource management services or not, the committee has a strict duty to maintain the building, manage essential services, engage reputable service providers, raise levies, secure the right insurance, respond to the requests of owners, mediate disputes, liaise with local authorities, set expectations and rules, welcome new owners and residents, and much more.

    Much of the work is technical and administrative and requires a solid grasp of existing laws and regulations. The burdens are formidable, the pressure is intense, the time and other resources required are significant. This is where Mafadi can help – we take the burden, stress and pressure off your hands and manage your body corporate roles and responsibilities as they should be managed – like clockwork.

    Call us now to find out how we can help you.


    Round-the-clock responsive

    We are on call 24/7. Our personnel structure ensures there is always someone available. It also means that when you contact us, we will respond swiftly and efficiently.

    Service excellence

    With our in-depth expertise, experience, and wide range of skills, service excellence from our in-house team of specialists is always assured. Put yourself in our hands.


    All-in-one solution

    Mafadi gives you a complete body corporate management and homeowners association solution. From financial management to maintenance and services to the smallest or biggest administrative tasks, we are ready to assist you.

    We understand your needs

    We recognise that each body corporate/HOA has its own unique requirements and requires its own unique approach. As an agile and adaptable property management company, we understand – and are responsive to – your specific needs.

    Saving you time and effort

    By allowing Mafadi to do what we do best, we free you from the day-to-day operational management of the property to focus on governance and strategic planning – or simply to enjoy life.

    What we offer

    Mafadi offers a complete body corporate management solution. Essentially, our day-to-day work comprises three key areas:


    Mafadi takes care of all the nitty-gritty details of body corporate work, removing the hassle, stress, and risk of day-to-day building management. Our unique, fully customised management programme makes it easy for you. Through our in-house credit control department and close partnership with top legal firms, we collect all levies on time and in full. We are particularly adept at building maintenance. Through longstanding preferential partnerships with leading contractors and long-view maintenance planning, we minimise costs and keep the building and common areas in top shape.

    Our administration services include:

    • maintaining common property – keeping the pool clean, the lift in great working condition, the surfaces clean and painted, amongst many other areas
    • creating and reviewing ten-year maintenance plans
    • communicating with owners and tenants – serving notices of meetings and other notifications, levying maintenance contributions, etc.
    • managing all correspondence regarding the property – including correspondence from tenants and owners, as well as external correspondence (e.g. requests for information from prospective buyers)
    • insurance – lodging all insurance claims and following up to ensure they are executed
    • keeping records – detailed records of owners’ names and contact details, account logs on all work done on the property, and other key historical events. We also ensure the safe custody of all records
    • providing maintenance advice
    • securing clearance certificates
    • ensuring full compliance in every area
    • coordinating meetings – trustees/directors meetings, annual general meetings, special general meetings, etc.

    Financial control

    Let Mafadi manage the collection, accounting, and expenditure of funds, with complete transparency and diligent reporting. Mafadi’s fully automated, cutting-edge financial management solutions include a unique online system that is updated in real time. Think of us as your off-site support finance team.

    Our financial services include:

    • compiling and submitting monthly management reports to trustees/directors, including an income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy roll, debtor age analysis and trust account statement
    • preparing budgets – factoring in any repair/maintenance work that needs to be done – and sending to the body corporate for approval
    • monitoring invoices for payments
    • managing levies and ensuring all funds owed to the body corporate are paid on time (and taking legal action where required)
    • ensuring that the correct, adequate, well-priced insurance policies are in place and annually renewed. This includes the Fidelity Fund cover – protecting the body corporate against loss as a result of theft of trust funds
    • maintaining separate trust accounts for each scheme
    • managing investment accounts
    • providing in-house debt management services
    • managing council accounts: paying rates, taxes and other charges on time; passing accruals when invoices are not received; reporting to trustees/directors any discrepancies with council
    • assisting and advising the trustees/directors on any applicable procedural matters pertaining to the running of the scheme (relating to resolutions, quorums, proxies, voting rights, etc.)
    • paying ad hoc invoices/accounts and HR expenses
    • preparing budgets – factoring in any repair/maintenance work that needs to be done – and sending these to the body corporate for approval
    • processing insurance claims
    • registering of directors, record keeping of domicilium, updating of auditor changes


    Mafadi plays a key role in the lifestyle concerns of the residents.

    Key tasks include:

    • enforcing rules around the common property, and clearly communicating those rules to all residents
    • mediating owner and tenant disputes
    • enforcing certain laws that apply to residents within the properties themselves (e.g. pet ownership, barbeques on the balconies, etc)
    • amending by-laws where necessary
    • organising information events and social occasions, and soliciting feedback and recommendations from residents

    Flexi-caretaker service

    Some buildings are simply unable to afford a full-time caretaker even though maintenance, security, cleaning and pool-care responsibilities may require it. A well-maintained property not only enhances the lifestyles of residents, but it also preserves and enhances the value of residential property assets, rentals and returns. Mafadi’s flexi-caretaker service manages contractors, gardeners, cleaners, security guards and maintenance workers, conducts regular on-site inspections, and attends to urgent maintenance projects on a flexi-time basis (in line with your building’s needs, budget and cash flow). Because our flexi-caretaker service is shared with other building complexes, the cost isn’t prohibitive.

    Call 031 100 0370 now, and let’s get started.

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