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We ensure the smooth control, management, maintenance, and administration of buildings across the country!

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    We are taking a completely new approach to managing a body corporate/HOA. We are a hands-on style management company which I know most trustees/directors are currently struggling to find.

    Why Mafadi

    I would like to highlight our strengths when managing a body corporate/HOA:

    • Our hands-on approach with regular site visits and in-depth operations reports using the latest technology as well as having great financial reports monthly.
    • Our in-house credit control department ensuring levy arrears are kept at a bare minimum.
    • A guaranteed response within 24 hours.
    • A separate trust account and investment account audited by the EAAB opened for every scheme and viewing access for each of the trustees/directors.
    • An online portal where the trustees/directors can view any financial or operational information in a live environment.
    • Communication as a top priority to all residents with constant updates on what is happening in the estate/complex.
    • A state of the art job tracking CRM system where trustees/directors and owners can log issues. This tracks every single email, the time taken to action as well as what was completed and provides a full report to the trustees/directors.

    We pride ourselves on being a dynamic company, constantly adapting and improving our processes to manage any Body corporate/HOA. We have recently been awarded Mooikloof Mega City by Balwin, the biggest sectional title development in the world!


    Over the past decade, Mafadi has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading property management companies, managing a portfolio of over 15,000 properties throughout South Africa.

    Our market leadership is based on a combination of disruptive property management solutions, the latest software information systems, a hands-on approach, and good old-fashioned personal service.

    One of Mafadi’s core functions is property management services for body corporates and home owners associations. We are proud to offer a complete turnkey solution in this highly specialized field.

    We are HANDS-ON

    Our hands-on approach ensures that a full audit of the property is compiled on a monthly basis


    With our in-depth expertise, experience, and wide range of skills, service excellence from our in-house team of specialists is always assured. Put yourself in our hands.


    Cutting Edge Technology

    Some of our tech includes our operations reports, Job ticketing system, communication system and our cloud based accounting system

    What we offer

    Mafadi offers a complete body corporate management solution. Essentially, our day-to-day work comprises three key areas:

    SA’s Leading Body Corporate and HOA Management Solutions

    Working closely with body corporates, we ensure the smooth control, management, maintenance and administration of buildings across the country.

    We assist with tasks such as:

    • Collecting Arrears
    • Property Maintenance and Repairs
    • General Accounting
    • Budgeting
    • Financial Reporting
    • Contract Management
    • Communication with Property Stakeholders
    • Addressing Owner Concerns & Disputes
    • Invoicing Levies/Service Charges
    • Preparing Meetings
    • Issuing Notices, orders & certificates
    • Monthly Operations Reports from On-Site Visits
    • Enforcing rules/by-law

    Financial control

    Let Mafadi manage the collection, accounting, and expenditure of funds, with complete transparency and diligent reporting. Mafadi’s fully automated, cutting-edge financial management solutions include a unique online system that is updated in real time. Think of us as your off-site support finance team.

    Our financial services include:

    • compiling and submitting monthly management reports to trustees/directors, including an income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy roll, debtor age analysis and trust account statement
    • Compiling monthly reports: a monthly management report delivered to Trustees/ Directors including an income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy roll, debtor age analysis and trust account statement
    • Preparing budgets – factoring in any repair/maintenance work that needs to be done. Sent to body corporate for approval
    • Monitoring invoices for payments
    • Managing levies and ensuring all funds owed to the body corporate are paid on time (and taking legal action where required)
    • Ensuring that the correct, adequate, well-priced insurance policies are in place and annually renewed. This includes the Fidelity Fund cover – protecting the body corporate against loss as a result of theft of trust funds
    • Maintaining separate trust accounts for each scheme
    • Managing investment accounts
    • Providing in-house debt management services
    • Managing council accounts: paying rates, taxes, charges chargeable to the scheme on time; passing accruals when invoices are not received; reporting to trustees/directors any discrepancies with council
    • Assisting and advising the trustees/directors on any applicable procedural matters pertaining to the running of the scheme (relating to resolutions, quorums, proxies, voting rights, etc.)
    • Paying ad hoc invoices/accounts and HR expenses
    • Preparing annual financial statements
    • Processing insurance claims
    • Registering of directors, record keeping of domicilium, updating of auditor changes.

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