Having the time to study and the cash to party is what all students strive for. But what if you have little time and little money, how do you make your varsity years the best years in also being able to stick to the social calendar and not just your studies. The answer is our 3 Student part time jobs. Filling your pockets, but leave the social clock alone.

But before you just jump onto the idea of a student part-time job, you should ask yourself; “why do I need/want this job?”.

What are my main reasons,

  • Is it to fill the gaps in the pocket?
  • Is it to improve my CV?
  • Is it to grow in life experience?

Your reason will help in determining what student part-time job will be best suited for you.

If the reason is to fill the gaps in your pockets then I suggest you start with a student budget first.  This may be boring, but vital, it will help you realise how much is needed. Once you know the wanted amount you can decide how you want to go about earning this extra bit of cash.  

If it is to start working on your cv, then you should choose a job connected to your current line of studies.

And if your main reason is for Life Experience then choose a student part-time job that will give you the most job satisfaction.  The job you rather do, than going to class;)

Honestly any job will build towards your CV.  Some would say having a diverse CV at the start might be better than a complete focused cv towards your professional career only.  I say choose what speaks to you at the moment.  You are still young, giving you the opportunity to start, stop and change as much/many student jobs as you want.

  1.  Smart Part-Time Jobs

Being smart at university is a great benefit, not only for your own studies, that I’m sure will be a bit easier, but also in making some extra cash.


  • Academic Tutor

Academic tutoring is a easy and fast way to make some extra cash on the spot if you are exceptional at a particular field or subject.  Parents and student will pay good money to have a helping hand with course stopping subjects especially.

Your university will have a tutoring office, here you can give your name up as a tutor or a student in need of a tutor.  

  • Teaching Assistant

Chances are that your current professor has a teaching assistant, a student being the professor’s right hand in class, helping with assignments and general paperwork.  If you like working with your professors and want to get more involved in the world of academics then ask your prof for any opportunities they may have. These students often get some form of small payment from the Varsity as well.

  • Grader

If a teaching assistant job is to close in proximity to others, then you can always consider being a Grader.  These students help out by actually grading some papers for those courses that has far too many papers for the amount of lectures.

Note that you will only be able to be a tutor, teaching assistant and Grader for the subjects in which you are exceptional.  Also this is not necessarily a first year student job opportunity.

  1. Varsity Part-Time Jobs

All colleges and universities has some job opportunities for their students.  This will differ from varsity to varsity.  But they all will have some sorts of a possible student job available.


  • Join the student union
  • Work as a varsity ambassador
  • Work as a varsity receptionist
  • Work in the varsity science labs as a cleaner
  • Work as a Residence Advisors
  • Work as a Library Assistant
  • Help out at the registration office

Your varsity should have a place (board/office) with many student job opportunities on campus.  I suggest you find a job that works with your personality.  The idea is not just to only pay the bills, but also to try an enjoy it while doing it.

  1. Freelancing Part-Time Jobs

Working as a freelancer is great, you get to work when you want and you get to relax when its fun.  The only problem with pure freelancing work is that you only get paid when you work.  No slacking, because you are simply wasting your own time.  the internet is full of freelancing- jobs,  at the bottom I left you a few suggestions of where you can start your freelancing job search.


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting, Translation
  • SEO
  • Programming and IT
  • Voice Over
  • Reviewing Food and Music
  • Photographer
  • Babysitter
  • Admin Support

Some place to find & Sell your freelancing work

Fivver is one of those place you can do literally anything and people will pay you.  You just have to go find the idiot to pay you.  Check out Fivver, you will be surprised how easy it is to make $5.

Why not review music while getting paid for it.  This website allows you to listen, give your opinion, and earn some cash in US dollars. Your earnings will be paid into your South African FNB PayPal account.

  • Stock Photography

Consider selling some of your photos on IstockdreamstimeFotoliadollar stock or any other Stock Photography site.  By building a library of well taken professional shots, you may make a buck or two well after your varsity years.

Written by Lizl Brink, Lizl is copywriter and designer based in Johannesburg, she is also a frequent contributor to the Mafadi blog, and as an Urban investor and rejuvenation shares a passion for urban regeneration, go check out her personal portfolio here
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