So you have a couple of days open and bored in the city, no worries we got you covered with an activity for anyone.  Interesting places to visit for the young and old.  Jozi is not just a working city, she can also be fun.

Check out our top 10 place for Johannesburg.


1. Gold Reef city and the Apartheid’s Museum

gold-reef-city1 gold-reef-city2 gold-reef-city3


These two locations are right next to each other, making it a great stop for two visits in one.

Gold Reef City is a must for the whole family.  It offers amazing public spaces with their interesting looking architecture.  This is not to mention the amazing theme park with rides that will thrill.

The Apartheid’s Museum is created in an amazing architectural space with a full explanation of the apartheid history.  The events, the actions and the solutions to our rainbow nation.


2. Braamfontein/ Malville

Braamfontein Braamfontein3 Braamfontein2


Both these inner city neighbourhoods are a great place for the weekends and of course the night outs.  Both neighbourhoods offer great nightclubs and lovely coffee shops.

The neighbour-goods market in Braamfontein is a lively, vibrant food market to get a Saturday lunch.  Excellent place for the entire family.

3. Newtown

Newtown is one of those must see places in Johannesburg.  It it home to several amazing art galleries and public spaces.

The Sci – Bono Discovery Center


This is an educational center definitely for the young folks.  It presents interesting displays surrounded with architecture to leave you amazed.

Rooke Gallery

Locate 37 Quinn Street, Newtown is a gallery that works exclusively with a few selected artist.  This gallery is not open every day and only work on appointment basis.  However its worth a phone call and drive to see their specific collection of contemporary and avant-garde exhibits.

The Museum Africa

This museum forming part of the Newtown Cultural hub, located in Mary Fitzgerald Square is a great place to gain a greater understanding of the South African History.  With multimedia displays and explanations one can not but learn something new about how South Africa became the rainbow nation it is today.


4. Maboneng

LivingRoom_7 LivingRoom_6 LivingRoom_1


Maboneng has proven to be one of the greatest urban regeneration programs in the world.  It is home to the Market on Main every Sunday, the Bioscope Cinema and Pop Art theater.  This is of course not to mention the amazing art spaces, fashion and commercial space Maboneng possess.

Some of these art space are the MOAD (Museum of African Design) and the Goethe-Institute with their controversial art exhibits.

It truly worth a visit on one of those lazy Sundays.  Maboneng provides a safe space for parking and interesting space for the entire family.


5.  Johannesburg Zoo and the Military Museum

Military Museum


  • Phone: 27 (011) 646 5513

This museum house some of the oldest and last of its’ kind artifacts.  Worth a visit and if you are even more interested the museum is also home to an extensive research library and archives.

 zoo2 zoo3 zoo4

Johannesburg Zoo


Like all Zoos, they are a must.  Every one loves them with the family and an scrumptious picnic basket that granny packed.


6. Botanical Garden at Emmarentia Dam

emmarentia emmarentia2 emmarentia-dam-yachts


  • Olifants Road | Emmarentia, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Tel Phone: 011 782-7064

Dating back to 1886, the beautifully landscaped gardens boast 2 500 succulents and over 20 000 indigenous trees. Perfect for that lazy Saturday afternoons, take a picnic basket and your four legged friends and get some fresh air.  The gardens are breath taking and simply soaking up the African Sun will make it better than a day at the spa.


7. The Planetarium

planitarum1 planitarum2 planitarum3


It a complete must.  No matter your age, no matter if you were there once appona time, you should go visit the planetarium again.   It is truly a visit you won’t forget soon and most affordable for the experience.


8.  SAB World of Beer

beer beer2 beer3


Here you can learn everything there is to learn from beer.  Where it comes from and how it’s made.  With an informal tour and a beer at the local pub you will have a great time with your friends.


9. Honeydew Mazes


This is great fun for all ages, with 3.5km or corn mazes you will loose yourself in the fun.

10.  Linder Auditorium

LinedAuto2 LinedAuto3 Linded-Auto1


This is one of Johannesburg’s greatest attractions, a marvel in itself.  This is not only a place of education but also for cultural inspiration and entertainment. The musical cognoscente of Johannesburg flocks here to enjoy the amazing performance art with ballets, ceremonies and a range of musical and performance productions.

Go check out what they are currently showcasing and enjoy.  It will truly be a night to remember.


11. Ngwenya Glass Village


A fun and active day awaits.  The Ngwenya Glass Village offers visitors the opportunity to buy handmade glassware as well to see the entire glass process, from start to finish.  This is truly a fun day for the entire family, with 12 shops and Zest as their local retuarant.


12. Bungee Jumping in Soweto

soweto3 soweto2 soweto1


Wow, this place is great.  They have so many things one can do as well as experience a bit of South African history.  I can truly recommend this for everyone.  Perfect for an adult birthday party or a team builder.


With this list of amazing activities you have no reason to sit in front of the tv and waste away.  Go out and try some of these place with your friends.  You will have an amazing time, I can guarantee.

 Written by Lizl Brink, Lizl is copywriter and designer based in Johannesburg, she is also a frequent contributor to the Mafadi blog, and as an Urban investor and rejuvenation shares a passion for urban regeneration, go check out her personal portfolio here
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