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Mafadi Property Management was formed to re-invent the property management sector, by focusing on a comprehensive list of in house utilities and outstanding letting services to property owners. Mafadi manages residential , office and retail properties.

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From the individual owner of a single property to an entire portfolio of a listed company

Mafadi can offer its exceptional property managment service to any property investor


South Africa’s inner cities are becoming great investment opportunities for investors and owner occupiers.  Mafadi welcomes all investor levels with their portfolio.


Mafadi can guarantee the best Property Management with their dedication to excellence and a host of supplementary services. 


Mafadi’s immense rental portfolio allows all renters to find the perfect location for a commercial, residential or retail rental space.


Mafadi has created an excellent portal for students. To find out more about affordable student accommodation in South Africa please go visit our  Student Life section.


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Rand Daily Mail - Jozi


Rand Daily Mail House is the former location of the famous anti-apartheid newspaper which was closed down in 1985.

RDM is near the Maboneng precienct, and very close to the Absa Offices. It’s in easy reach of Braamfontein, Doornfontein and Newtown and is close to several colleges, universities and malls.

Wavecrest - Durban


Wavecrest, a brand new re-development in Durban.  Close to the beach and to Durban’s massive China Mall. A neighborhood in Durban that will turn heads.  Don’t miss out on this amazing building, book your space today.

It being only  3 minutes away from China Mall and 150 meters away from Durban Beach makes it ideal for any young and hip durbanite.

Trifecta - Durban


Trifecta Student Living offers students a warn, safe and modern environment during their years of study.  With various accommodation options and facilities such as kitchens, gardens, chill areas, WiFi and excellent property management you will find your home at Trifecta Student Living.

Trifecta student living is within walking distance from all DUT campuses and close to various FET colleges.


Mafadi Property Management

A snippet of what makes us tick

Mafadi Property Management is a Company that has been set up to offer comprehensive management and letting services to property owners in secondary property locations in South Africa and surrounding areas. The properties which Mafadi manage include residential, offices, retail and bodies corporates. Mafadi’s head office is based within the Maboneng Precinct on the east side of Johannesburg City.

The Company’s philosophy is driven by the need for alternate management within secondary areas. This entails working closely with City Improvement Districts, City council, understanding tenant’s needs and partnering with property owners and developers. This is done to not only maximize income but to add value to Johannesburg’s Inner City and surroundings by managing sustainable living and working spaces. 

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10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

Self managing your income generating property is even more beneficial to your pocket if you are able to commit enough time and have the correct skills at hand.  But what happens when you don’t have the time or the skills, or when you simple want to expand your property portfolio. Most of us don’t have the adequate time or skills to manage our investments to the best of it’s abilities.  Not to mention the desire to increase our property portfolios, we find ourself working harder with even less time at hand.  It is here that you need 10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager, to save you time, money and manage your investment to the best of the professional’s ability. 1.Setting the correct rental rate Setting the correct rental rate is more than simply going through your classifieds and seeing what your neighbourhood is charging.  This method of research will give you a very good ballpark figure, but not a rental rate specific to your property.  Keep in mind that one property is not the same as another. Is the space new or old, revamp or dilapidated. How far up the hill or down the valley are you. All these factors wil  influence your rental rate.  Finding the best rental rate for the least amount of vacancies are more of a delicate balance than we might think.   For  more in depth articles on rental rates, please read… Wrong Assumptions about Rental Rates 5 Tips for Setting your rental rate 2. Collecting and depositing monthly rent payments Any one who ever worked in a billing department can tell you...

Planning a profitable Rental Property

Top 10 Features Of A Profitable Rental Property Create your own infographics  Written by Lizl Brink, Lizl is copywriter and designer based in Johannesburg, she is also a frequent contributor to the Mafadi blog, and as an Urban investor and rejuvenation shares a passion for urban regeneration, go check out her personal...

Top 10 Features of a Profitable Rental Property

Buying property for pure income reasons can be a bit daunting, simply because of all the landmines that will eat into your profit margins from time to time.  It is for this very reason that we need to ensure we made the best choice we could when it comes to that final pay day. Have a look at our top 10 features of a profitable rental property, they may just save you from one of those property rental landmines.   Thorough research is a must Before you run to an estate agent I recommend that you start by first researching what you want from your new income property.   What aspects are important to you, Do you want to self manage your rental property and be a landlord, distance becomes an important factor Do you want to get a property management company to manage it on your behalf, distance becomes less important Also there are different investment property options available, like the various residential options as well as the more commercial options. Each of these different investment options has their own pros and cons.  It is your job to do the necessary research to ensure you make the best investment you can.     Research I have done for you, Want to be a landlord consider these articles first: Wrong Assumptions about Rental Rates Rental Deposits, the cans and can’ts 5 Tips for Setting your rental rate Eviction, a sad possibility 10 Questions to ask your prospective tenant 5 Tips for Tenant Complaints   Considering using a Property Management company: Pros for using a Rental Realtor 5 Ways to...
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