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Mafadi Property Management was formed to re-invent the property management sector, by focusing on a comprehensive list of in house utilities and outstanding letting services to property owners. Mafadi manages residential , office and retail properties.

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From the individual owner of a single property to an entire portfolio of a listed company

Mafadi can offer its exceptional property managment service to any property investor


South Africa’s inner cities are becoming great investment opportunities for investors and owner occupiers.  Mafadi welcomes all investor levels with their portfolio.


Mafadi can guarantee the best Property Management with their dedication to excellence and a host of supplementary services. 


Mafadi’s immense rental portfolio allows all renters to find the perfect location for a commercial, residential or retail rental space.


Mafadi has created an excellent portal for students. To find out more about affordable student accommodation in South Africa please go visit our  Student Life section.


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Rand Daily Mail - Jozi


Rand Daily Mail House is the former location of the famous anti-apartheid newspaper which was closed down in 1985.

RDM is near the Maboneng precienct, and very close to the Absa Offices. It’s in easy reach of Braamfontein, Doornfontein and Newtown and is close to several colleges, universities and malls.

Wavecrest - Durban


Wavecrest, a brand new re-development in Durban.  Close to the beach and to Durban’s massive China Mall. A neighborhood in Durban that will turn heads.  Don’t miss out on this amazing building, book your space today.

It being only  3 minutes away from China Mall and 150 meters away from Durban Beach makes it ideal for any young and hip durbanite.

Trifecta - Durban


Trifecta Student Living offers students a warn, safe and modern environment during their years of study.  With various accommodation options and facilities such as kitchens, gardens, chill areas, WiFi and excellent property management you will find your home at Trifecta Student Living.

Trifecta student living is within walking distance from all DUT campuses and close to various FET colleges.


Mafadi Property Management

A snippet of what makes us tick

Mafadi Property Management is a Company that has been set up to offer comprehensive management and letting services to property owners in secondary property locations in South Africa and surrounding areas. The properties which Mafadi manage include residential, offices, retail and bodies corporates. Mafadi’s head office is based within the Maboneng Precinct on the east side of Johannesburg City.

The Company’s philosophy is driven by the need for alternate management within secondary areas. This entails working closely with City Improvement Districts, City council, understanding tenant’s needs and partnering with property owners and developers. This is done to not only maximize income but to add value to Johannesburg’s Inner City and surroundings by managing sustainable living and working spaces. 

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6 Tips to renting out your home

With some difficult financial time ahead, many of us are faced with finding new and creative ways to make a bit more extra cash.  One of these methods is to rent out your home or a section of your home. Our 6 Tips to renting out your home will help make the transition a bit smoother. There are several aspect to your property that needs addressing before your house will be rent ready.  We will focus on the physical and the financial for now. 1. Insurance In general I’m not a fan of Insurance, but in regards to your properties you will have to take out some sort of insurance.  The honest truth is that property is to much of a big investment not to take some insurance, unfortunate events do happen.  Also you are allowed to add any annual insurance increase to your lease agreement (once the fixed period has passed) in South Africa.  You are however not allowed to charge them for the initial insurance, only the increase, especially if caused by the tenants themselves. Your insurance needs to cover these, at least: Building Insurance This is to cover you from all natural disasters.   Consider floods, land slippage (especially if you are on any sort of incline), thunderstorms (hail damage), Earthquakes, Malicious damages. Indemnity Insurance This kind of insurance will protect you from any damages or deaths that might accrue to a tenant or a visitor of your tenants.  Imagine a tree falls on the house – your building insurance should cover that, but what if the tree fell on the tenant.  What is going to  save...

5 Traits of a Profitable Landlord

Being a profitable landlord requires a mindset of it’s own.  You will have to think long term, short term, figures, social impacts, and so the list will grow.  You might even feel that you might not have what it takes.  But this is not so, for any one has the capability to make a few extra bucks by growing their property portfolio though the responsibility of landlordship.   Our 5 Traits of a profitable landlord will help you well on your way to financial freedom.   1. Find your Inner Accountant Landlords tends to be number crunchers.  They sit and run different scenarios after the another to make sure the financial path they choose to finance and maintain their properties are the best.  I say the best and not the cheapest, because cheap doesn’t always mean value for money. A landlord should first determine the correct rental rate for their individual properties.  Once a monthly rental income is determined you should turn your focus to the expenses.  Keeping your cash flow alive is VITAL to the success of your property investment. Consider: Mortgage Property Tax Insurance Utilities Maintenance Cost Vacancy Rates (work on 10%, to be pessimistic) Property Manager – You might need one if this is all new to you:) Simply deduct the expenses from the income and see what you are left with.  Chances are that you might have to add a bit of money to cover the initial expenses.  This is understandable, especially if your mortgage is anything over 40%.  Consider the amount and see if your personal saving/spending account could handle the extra monthly down payments....

Should tenants paint, why yes Sir

To paint or not to paint, that is the question Sadly this has been a matter of contestation for some time between tenants and landlords.  Landlords only see the mess, the cost and the issue that will come from painting.  The tenant thinks, “but this is my new home, I’m paying my monthly rent, right?” We as landlords should be careful not to simply say no, just for no sake.  I don’t say you should always say yes, because you will get a wacky funky looking house in return.  But to simply say no because you aren’t living there is also not a kind hearted notion. Remember; tenants that feel welcome, at home and are allowed to nest, stay longer, thusly keeping your cashflow alive. Consider allowing your tenants to change a few walls, as long as they stick to your terms.   1. Tenants should always ask It is important that you as landlord know exactly what your tenant wants to paint.  A simple mms message showing the dark wall is not well enough of an indication, nor is a ‘badge’. You need to know are they including window frames, skirtings, ceilings in the ‘wall’ they want to paint.  A quick afternoon chat at the property will be best. With this in mind remember to take an entire range of swatches.  Have a quick chat over coffee while discussing the colour options together.  Finding a happy compromise is key and I am a firm believer in them. Landlords know that it is practical to paint the entire property with a non-offending badge or gray.  But as a previous...
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