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Mafadi Property Management was formed to re-invent the property management sector, by focusing on a comprehensive list of in house utilities and outstanding letting services to property owners. Mafadi manages residential , office and retail properties.

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From the individual owner of a single property to an entire portfolio of a listed company

Mafadi can offer its exceptional property managment service to any property investor


South Africa’s inner cities are becoming great investment opportunities for investors and owner occupiers.  Mafadi welcomes all investor levels with their portfolio.


Mafadi can guarantee the best Property Management with their dedication to excellence and a host of supplementary services. 


Mafadi’s immense rental portfolio allows all renters to find the perfect location for a commercial, residential or retail rental space.


Mafadi has created an excellent portal for students. To find out more about affordable student accommodation in South Africa please go visit our  Student Life section.


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Rand Daily Mail - Jozi


Rand Daily Mail House is the former location of the famous anti-apartheid newspaper which was closed down in 1985.

RDM is near the Maboneng precienct, and very close to the Absa Offices. It’s in easy reach of Braamfontein, Doornfontein and Newtown and is close to several colleges, universities and malls.

Wavecrest - Durban


Wavecrest, a brand new re-development in Durban.  Close to the beach and to Durban’s massive China Mall. A neighborhood in Durban that will turn heads.  Don’t miss out on this amazing building, book your space today.

It being only  3 minutes away from China Mall and 150 meters away from Durban Beach makes it ideal for any young and hip durbanite.

Trifecta - Durban


Trifecta Student Living offers students a warn, safe and modern environment during their years of study.  With various accommodation options and facilities such as kitchens, gardens, chill areas, WiFi and excellent property management you will find your home at Trifecta Student Living.

Trifecta student living is within walking distance from all DUT campuses and close to various FET colleges.


Mafadi Property Management

A snippet of what makes us tick

Mafadi Property Management is a Company that has been set up to offer comprehensive management and letting services to property owners in secondary property locations in South Africa and surrounding areas. The properties which Mafadi manage include residential, offices, retail and bodies corporates. Mafadi’s head office is based within the Maboneng Precinct on the east side of Johannesburg City.

The Company’s philosophy is driven by the need for alternate management within secondary areas. This entails working closely with City Improvement Districts, City council, understanding tenant’s needs and partnering with property owners and developers. This is done to not only maximize income but to add value to Johannesburg’s Inner City and surroundings by managing sustainable living and working spaces. 

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Landlords need to manage their Property Maintenance

A easy way to retirement is buying stocks and not becoming a landlord.  Landlordship is layered with responsibilities, from the emergencies to the maintenance, to the admin, to the … and so it continues often.  Making stocks the easier, but riskier option – many would say. Let’s show you how landlords need to manage their property maintenance, ensuring their own financial freedoms. As a landlord you should always remember that you have an ethical obligation to provide a safe and livable environment to your tenants.  You also have an obligation to yourself to try and gain the best return on investment when it comes to selling time.  It is for this reason that security and maintenance should be a key responsibility to your landlordship.   1. Finance first You should be considering the property maintenance cost before you even buy.  Saying that the rental value will cover all expenses with a small deposit is whimsical thinking.  This might have been so some time ago, but with our high interest rates, your mortgage will steal most of the rental value. Considering the big property expenses: Property Tax Insurance Mortgage Service Fees Yearly Property Maintenance Service Emergency Fund A rough rule of thumb is to have a property maintenance budget of the an annual expenditure of 1.5% -2% of the property’s value for the repairs or emergencies. You may have to dig into your personal pockets if your rental value can’t cover these property expenses.  Run the numbers before you sign on the dotted line.  Finding yourself in financial constraints are certainly unwanted.  If must save a bit harder and longer,...

I can’t make rent, what now?

The difficulty of life expenses has been hitting us all pretty hard since 2008.  We have been able to recover somewhat, but it seems that we are all struggling financially, a bit more than anticipated world wide.  According to the latest TPN figures, we have been seeing a massive (one third) increase in tenants that aren’t able to pay or make full rental payments. This unfortunate trend seems to be continuing and it seems that it will be continuing and getting worst for the foreseeable future.  It is for this reason that we need to know how to act, behave and take control when we can’t make rent the month. Talk to your landlord It is essential that you talk to your managing agent or landlord.  It is best to be honest, to the point and understanding to your landlord’s response.  Saying nothing will result to counterproductive actions. Your landlord will become angry, frustrated and eventually put you in a sticky situation. As a tenant you need to understand that many landlords absolutely need the rent money.  They still have property tax, refuse, water, electricity and a mortgage to pay.  Your rent will contribute to these partially, if not in full. Are you an A-Start tenant? A-Star tenants are those perfect tenants that pay on time, pay in full and take well care of the property.  These are typically the tenants that landlords want to keep as long as they can.  It should be noted that most landlords will not simply through you out, especially if you have been an A-start tenant before. Landlords will be more understanding in...

Save on your energy bill this winter

Finding ways to crack down on your high energy bill shouldn’t be too difficult, the honest truth is that most energy saving techniques are nothing more than being aware and keeping a logical mind.  Let’s help you to save on your energy bill this winter with our 10 tips.   1. Heaters  We South Africans don’t’ make much use of thermostats, but we use heaters all the time. One of the fastest and most cost effective ways to cut down on your energy bill is to turn your thermostats or heaters down by just a nudge and adding a blanket.   2. Fill the Dishwasher There is a misconception that dishwashers take far more energy and water than washing by hand.  The truth is that dishwashers can actually cost you less and do the job better. Dishwashers tend to work better and more efficiently when filled entirely.  Also go for the easy/quick mode on your machine, they tend to make the water a tad cooler and run a short cycle.   3. Seal the leaks with weather stripping One of the absolute best ways to save on your energy bill is to seal all the leaks in your home.  Make sure the front and back door is properly sealed  as well as all the windows.  Sealing your home can save you upto 10 % of your energy bill, this is also good for the aircon in summer:) 4. The Geyser It is noteworthy to be aware that you’re geyser cost is roughly 30% of your entire energy bill, making it an important item to insulate.  Insulating your geyser and...
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